12 Best PS4 Controllers for Gaming Freaks

For any PS4 lover it becomes vital to have a list of best PS4 controllers so that you have a choice if you don’t like the default controller. While purchasing a best PS4 gaming controller, there are a lot of factors that we need to keep in mind like its comfort, functionality, overall design and battery life.

There are many options available when it comes to find the best PS4 controller and this article is featuring the top of those.

The below-mentioned list of PS4 controllers features a mix of the best PS4 controllers by keeping all the factors, purposes and occasions in mind.

All these controllers are available at the best lowest price so that you can save a bit of money with entertainment. Here is the list of all best PS4 controllers that you can grab.

The Best PS4 Controllers

1. SCUF Vantage 2 Wired Best PS4 Controller

Scuf’s Vantage was already a favourite game controller of gamers and here comes Vantage 2 which adds much more features and gives another level experience. Scuf’s vantage 2 is a high-performance PS4 controller which is customizable and used by around 90% of eSports pros. This is the reason to include on no.1 in our list of best PS4 controllers.

This best PS4 controller is specially made of high-end gamers who love gaming and love to unlock more game levels. Its exclusive textured non-slip design allows you to achieve high performance in the game without worrying about sweat and slipping of the controller.

This is one of the best controllers for PS4 that can be customized easily with around 60 removable magnetic faceplate and interchangeable parts.

best ps4 controllers

2. DualShock 4 Best PS4 Wireless Controller

DualShock is not new when it comes to find the best PS4 controllers and here it finds the place too in this article. DualShock’s revolutionary features like an integrated light bar, touchpad, and built-in speaker provide exciting new ways to experience and interact with your games. You can easily charge your DualShock  4 wireless controller by plugging it into your PS4 system with a micro USB port.

The feel, the shape, and sensitivity of DualShock 4’s trigger buttons and analogue sticks have been intensified to offer gamers absolute control for all games on PlayStation 4. You can easily share your greatest gaming moments with your friends just by pushing a button. What else you need from one of the best PS4 controllers that you can buy without shelling too much money.

best ps4 controllers

3. NACON Revolution Pro Best PS4 Controller V2 Wired

The ergonomic layout of NACON Revolution controller V2 is more like an Xbox controller that makes this controller a great option to try. It is specifically made by keeping eSports gamers in mind. This best PS4 controller is dual customizable and has three modes.

This is one of the best PS4 controllers that comes with 3 meters long USB Type C cable that is easily detachable for easy storage. You will get four configurable shortcut buttons that manually make adjustments. Along with it, you will also get two shoulder buttons, dual analogue triggers, 4* or 8-way directional pad which is great for fighting ps4 controllers

4. Razer Raiju Ultimate Best Gaming Controller for PS4

The Razer Raiju Ultimate is one of the best PS4 controllers that gamers look for. It allows you to easily and quickly access key functions through a quick control panel.

It also gives you the feature to secure the lock button to avoid unintentionally pressing things. It’s one of the best features that you can connect it through Bluetooth and wired both.

This best PS4 controller comes with a one year warranty along with a carrying case which keeps the controller safe. Razer Raiju ultimately gives you some ultimate configurations like different height thumbsticks and D-pad.

best ps4 controllers

5. HORI Fighting Commander for PS4

HORI fighting commander is officially licensed by Sony. It is specifically designed for 2D fighting games with 6-button layout. This gaming controller is compatible with PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

This is one of the best PS4 wired controller that comes with 10 feet long wire; it will give you instant response while playing.

Hori fighter commander offers a more comprehensive design than the standard best PS4 controllers along with the essential six-button layout. Hori Fighting Commander only has a D-Pad, and it also includes a toggle so that you can switch it to function as the left or right analogue stick.

best ps4 controllers

6. Astro C40 TR Best PS4 Controller

If you are the one that likes to chat with your friends while gaming, this is one of the best PS4 gaming controllers that you were looking for. Astro C40 TR includes multiple D-pads and swappable thumbstick tops. If you want to look at your gaming controller like an Xbox controller, Astro C40 TR allows you to swap entire assemblies on this controller.

The Astro C40 TR Controller delivers high accuracy game sound and voice chat in both wired and wireless mode via the 3.5mm jack, which is compatible with every gaming Headset. It quickly and easily activates the trigger stops, which allow hair trigger performance in most FPS games. What else you need from one of the best PS4 controllers that comes with 1 year warranty too? Isn’t great, right?

best ps4 controllers

7. Horipad FPS Plus – Best Controller for PS4

Another official licensed product in our list of best PS4 controllers comes from Horipad. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like mirrored thumbsticks, then Horipad FPS plus is the perfect solution to your problem. This best PS4 controller comes with thumbsticks with larger grooves that will keep your thumb comfortable and a target button with three levels of sensitivity.

Horipad FPS plus is comfortable and easy to use as a gaming controller. You will get a touchpad in Horipad FPS plus. This best gaming controller for PS4 is compatible withPS3 as well, so if you want to connect it with your old PS3, it will work perfectly fine. If you are familiar with Xbox gamepad offerings, then it’s a good choice for you.

best ps4 controllers

8. Razer Panthera Dragon Fighter Ball Z

Razer Panthera Evo arcade stick is specially built for modding aficionados. You can customize the buttons and joystick to suit your gaming style. This PS4 arcade stick comes with an internal compartment to put small tools in it.

When you open it, it will show dedicated slots to store the detachable screw-lock cable, screwdriver, and two extra buttons. Razer Panthera Evo arcade stick is compatible with numerous major fighting games.

You will get a PS4 touchpad on the face of the arcade stick, which has the exact same functionality of a traditional DualShock 4.

best ps4 controllers

9. Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick for PS4

Victrix pro fight stick is specially designed for fighting games on your PS4. So if you are into fighting games, then this is the best PS4 fight stick you are looking for. This fight stick is absolutely a head-turner. Its ergonomic shape and body are made of aircraft-grade aluminium. All these features makes it one of the best PS4 controllers in our list.

It will give you complete control and customization. Although it is large, it can easily adjust in your bag. Victrix fight stick delivers you the fastest response time of 5ms.

The angle of slope and thickness is precise for wrists gives you comfort while playing. Large arcade stick and buttons help you to attack quickly against your opponents.

best ps4 controllers

10. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 – Best PS4 Controller

You can blindly rely on Nacon for great quality products. You can binge gaming your favourite games wired or wirelessly with this Nacon revolution unlimited controller.

This is one of the best PS4 controllers that also supports chat and audio in both wired and wireless modes. So now it is easy for you to coordinate with your friend while gaming.

You can easily tweak the joystick of the controller by using the interchangeable heads that are provided and also can map their preferred controls to 4 configurable shortcut buttons. The smart LED indicators will take your heart away with its recentness. We totally loved the design for this product and that is why thought to include it in our list of best controllers for PS4.

best ps4 controllers

11. Dragon Grips

Dragon grips will improve your gaming experience with its unique features and definitely can be considered as one of the best PS4 controllers. It resembles with the name that the grip of these best PS4 controllers is great for heavy gamers.

If you are tired of finding the best grip PS4 controller, then you should go for this one. You can play more extended sessions of COD Fortnight or any other game with its firm .5mm thick textured rubber anti-slip grip. Apart from all the features, Dragon Grips come with a one year warranty.

best ps4 controllers

12. Mini Wired Gamepad by Hori

If you are looking for a best PS4 controller for a kid in your house, then Hori Mini Wired Gamepad is a good fit for smaller hands. This mini wired gamepad looks like a retro game controller and one reason to include it in our list of best PS4 controllers.

It is a wired controller which comes with 10 feet long USB cable that will reduce the chances of pulling the console off the stand. As per a kid’s requirement, the grip is adequate, and it is a good fit if you want a small pad.

This mini wired gamepad is compatible with most of the PS4 games. “Most “of the games means the less complicated ones.

best ps4 controllers

With this, we came to an end featuring all the best PS4 controllers that we find super awesome for all the gaming freaks out there. All these best PS4 controllers are great in terms of pricing and functionality and we are sure you will love them.

Also, if you are using any of controller that you think we should include in our list of best PS4 controllers, do let us know in our comments section below.

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