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14 Best OnePlus 9 Cases and Covers

One may thing that having a phone case is just having an ordinary accessory that just takes care of the phone’s protection, but no! To have a phone cover is to have a less worried mind about that pricey owned phone. OnePlus has recently came up with new phone which is not cheap so you should look for best OnePlus 9 cases and covers. 

Phone cover has always been a perk for the ones who are quite messy at handling things and often encounter abrupt dropping of their phones.

So for all the OnePlus 9 Smartphone users, bagging a good and best OnePlus 9 case can not only save one from the disastrous thoughts that keep popping after owning an expensive phone but can also more than that.

So grab some minute and take a look at these below mentioned best OnePlus 9 cases. All these best OnePlus 9 cases looks great and provide you an extra functionality to save your phone from unwanted damages. Have a look. 

The Best OnePlus 9 Cases and Covers

1. Spigen Tough Armour Best Case for OnePlus 9

If you’re looking for a heavy duty phone case cover then this might serve you just right and can be regarded as one of the best OnePlus 9 cases in this article. The all new case from Spigen with the latest foam-technology has an extra layer for shock protection.

The bend of Polycarbonate and TPU provide a dual protection from any drops and bumps. The raised edges of this case protect the camera and the screen from any scratches or hit. Not only that it also has a MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certified protection facility and its air cushion tech supports anti-shock protection. 

best oneplus 9 cases

2. QITAYO Anti-Yellowing, Shockproof Best OnePlus 9 Case

For the past couple year’s transparent case for phones had much hype, but it seems one major issue with transparent cases was its texture turning yellow-ish in colour. Well if you still fancy transparent cases but hold yourself back because of this one problem then QITAYO puts an end to that issue and that is why listed here with other best cases for OnePlus 9. 

This brand claims of coming with a best OnePlus 9 transparent case that will not yellow after using it for a while. This is one of the best OnePlus 9 cases that also comes with 2 pieces of glass screen protectors which is a bonus for the buyers.

This clear case is 1.5mm thick and is eco friendly. Further the brand promises to deliver a lifetime warranty for replacement or money back if one faces any difficulty or quality issues with this case. 

best oneplus 9 cases

3. Slim Shockproof Best OnePlus 9 case by Hongxinyu

Hongxinyu brings a carbon black, slim, shockproof case for OnePlus 9. Made of high quality TPU material, this is one of the best OnePlus 9 cases that has a soft shell with a carbon fibre design and a frosted textured look.

The four corners of this best case for OnePlus 9 have four shockproof buffer belts and it also acquires the grid heat. It’s lightweight and has good grip. The cut-outs provide access to all the ports, buttons and cable connections without having to open the case gaain and again. 

best oneplus 9 cases

4. Caseology Parallax Best Case for OnePlus 9

Speaking from graphic designs to social media posts, 3D effect is the new normal everywhere. So why phone cases should stay behind? This is one of the best OnePlus 9 cases from Caseology has a 3D design and delivers complete grip security with raised edges to protect the phone screen from any hits.

This bold and stylish phone case comes in a black colour with that has a geometrical cubic design in it. This case’s dual layer bumper facility is specifically certified for drop-test. This is one of the best cases for OnePlus 9 which is also prone to wireless charging and protection compatibility. 

best oneplus 9 cases

5. HYGETE Shockproof Anti-Drop Proof Best Case for OnePlus 9

HNHYGETE presents OnePlus 9 case for both men and women. This polycarbonate made phone case has a two gradient colour TPU built texture to prevent from any kind of shock.

This quality product has a very sleek and modern look, is very light weight and provides greater drop protection for abrupt falls and drops due to its in-built cushioned corners on the case wall. If you are looking for transparent case then we assure you this one is really best OnePlus 9 cases available in the market. 

best oneplus 9 cases

6. Ailiber Kickstand Holder with Swivel Belt Clip Case for OnePlus 9 

Considering the current lockdown scenario of the world, it’s needless to say that the phone gets the maximum attention. So right from scrolling social media all the time, to playing games and watching movies or videos for hours has been a common thing lately for most of the people.

The Ailiber brand brings a phone case having a swivel belt clip with hands-free kickstand holder that saves the pain of holding phone in the hands for hours while enjoying movies or videos on the phone. This is one of the best cases for OnePlus 9 that supports wireless charging and the silicone rubber bumper effect on the case provides from any bump.

The hard plastic made back cover is drop resistance. This best case for OnePlus 9 is also free of scratches and bumps and absolutely perfect for heavy outdoor activities. The sells package comes with a full screen tempered glass protector as well. This delivers a smooth feeling to the touch screen of the phone.

The swivel belt clip has a 180 degree rotate facility that’s convenient for carrying whether in a bag or a jeans pocket. There’s a built-in kit for cleaning the screen of the phone. In short it’s an all rounder case for OnePlus 9 phone owners. We totally loved it and we are sure you gonna love it too and that is why posted in our list of best OnePlus 9 cases and covers. 

best oneplus 9 cases

7. Foluu Best OnePlus 9 Flip Case

This slim lightweight best OnePlus 9 case made of premium quality soft synthetic fabric material gives a classy look to the case and is a great fit for the OnePlus 9 phone. The inner layer of the case is made of TPU material and is very flexible offering a great protection to the phone against any scratch, bump or fall.

This is one of the best cases for OnePlus 9 that also has pockets like wallets for carrying cards and few cash. So even if one forgets to carry a wallet or purse this best case for OnePlus 9 might save the day, just make sure to keep some cash and the cards beforehand for emergency purpose.

The rise high cover borders protects the screen from any unnecessary contact and the built-in kickstand cover helps watching movies and take video calls absolutely hands-free. Since the case rolls open like a book, the phone has a great carrying ease. So if you are looking for a flip case, then this is certainly one of the best OnePlus 9 cases in our article that you can buy. 

best oneplus 9 cases

8. Feitenn Heavy Duty Metal Bumper, Shockproof 5G Dual Layer Rugged OnePlus 9 Case

For those who feel monotonic about the black or transparent case and love to try various colours on their phone case then this brand comes with quite a few colour options and that is why listed in our article featuring the best OnePlus 9 cases and covers. 

This heavy duty rugged OnePlus 9 case looks very exclusive and catchy. The shell skin protector not only makes the cover look stylish and unique but also provides a great support to the phone. Its drop proof, shock proof and super durable.

This case best fits for hikers, sports people, climbers, camping lovers, and wanderers. The dual layer provides a good protection from any shock, drop, dirt or daily hazards. This is one of the best cases for OnePlus 9 that has metal finish made of zinc alloy thus has a good protection coverage. There are 5 different colours to choose from.

best oneplus 9 cases

9. PUROOM Luxury Best Case for OnePlus 9 

This wood grain textured case is exclusively made for OnePlus 9 phones. Made of environmental friendly Carbon fibre TPU+PU material this is one of the best OnePlus 9cases that gives the best touch feel and the grainy wooden finish look gives the phone a whole new unique and stylish look.

The slim and sleek design delivers an effortless removal and application of the case. The lightweight design makes this best case for OnePlus 9 easy to carry in the pocket. This is one of the best cases for OnePlus 9 that has all the perfect cut-outs for ports, microphone hole, power button and camera. 

best oneplus 9 cases

10. Aihual Tempered Glass Shockproof, Soft, Protective Best Case for OnePlus9

This best clear case for OnePlus 9 comes with a tempered glass screen protector and has all the specific cut-outs for the phone’s ports, camera, and charger and so on. Phone can be plugged in for charging without taking off the case. There’s also a ring that enables 360 degree rotation giving a good and sturdy grip to the phone.

The in-built kickstand provides great ease at watching movies or videos on the phone. The tempered glass protector gives absolute touchscreen sensitivity experience. This is one of the best OnePlus 9 cases that conveys a great stability and durability to the phone.

best oneplus 9 cases

11. Hybrid TPU+PU Luxury Best OnePlus 9 Case from PUROOM

Puroom brings a luxury case for OnePlus 9 built with Nylon Carbon Fiber having a wood grain texture and it environmental friendly. This case prevents from any shock and scratch.

This is one of the best cases for OnePlus 9 which is light weight so that it gives a great feeling when touched. The USP of this case is its comfortable grip and super soft touch feeling. It has all the basic protection facility and exact cut-out to avoid facing any problem while charging or plugging in any cables. We loved the textured design and that is why decided to put it in our list of best OnePlus 9 cases. 

best oneplus 9 cases

12. Crystal Clear, Mirror finish Stylish Best Case from AINOYA

This is one of the best OnePlus 9 cases that is bound to catch attention with its super sleek, glossy, mirror finish crystal clear look. The cover made of TPU and is flexible and soft.

This non-toxic eco friendly best case for OnePlus 9 provides fair protection against any drop, shocks and damages. The cut-outs are precisely cut for camera, and other ports. It supports wireless charging and definitely one of the great contender in our list of best cases for OnePlus 9. 

best oneplus 9 cases

13. Foluu Flip Folio, Premium quality PU Leather TPU Bumper Cover Case for  OnePlus 9

This premium quality leather cover case comes in four different subtle colours. The fine quality PU leather material gives a feel good soft touch effect and definitely one of the great entry in our list of best OnePlus 9 cases. 

The foldable book cover mimicking style totally protects the phone any scratch and hit. It has one card slot for carrying ID or credit/debit card or some other essentials.

This best OnePlus 9 case also acts as a stand for a hands free movie/video watching experience. The case is very simple looking yet carries a statement to it.

best oneplus 9 cases

14. Newseego Dark green Full Body Protection Best OnePlus 9 Case

This is one of the best OnePlus 9 case from Neweego which comes in a dark green colour. The four corners of the case are designed in a way to prevent the phone from any shock and bump.

The hard outer cover made of superior quality PC material that protects the phone from smudge, scratch and shock. We loved the design and the moment we reviewed thought to add it in our list of best cases for OnePlus 9.

best oneplus 9 cases

Our list of best OnePlus 9 cases comes to an end. A good phone case can expand the life span of a phone. But a worthy phone mustn’t just have any normal cover, it must have a sturdy cover that will well protect it and make it durable. 

Now there are tons of best OnePlus 9 cases in the market and choosing the perfect case might be a daunting task to go through. There’s another about phone cases that one should know is that it pretty much reflects one’s personality by the type and design one chooses to cover their phone.

We tried to list all the best cases for OnePlus 9 that can suit everyone’s personality and requirements. If you still have another option in mind, do let us know in the comments section below and we will update our list of best OnePlus 9 cases.

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